It was always my wish to make people discover the vintage and the soil in the taste of the wine, so that every single variety of vine should unfold its very typical bouquet throughout its personal flavour. I love delicate, velvety soft red wines with a feminine, dainty and honest flavour which don't reveal their potential from the very first sip, but unfold it gradually allowing the taste buds to discover all the nuances and to explode with excitement. One should allow one's senses to be overwhelmed by every sip of wine and conquered by a certain flavour and variety.


  • Jason Wilson visits Winery Wiederstein Jason Wilson visits Winery Wiederstein

    Had a very nice tasteing yesterday with Jason Wilson. He is author of Boozehound: on the trail of the rare, the obscure, and the overrated in spirits (Random House/Ten Speed) and writer for The New York Times – Travel Section and Harpers Wine + Spirit in the UK.