The Genesis of the wine-growing business – Wiederstein (abridged version)

Franz Wiederstein was born on February 10th 1844 and died on February 4th 1889. In July 13th 1876, he married Katharina Schübl thus becoming the owner of the house situated at number 26 in Göttlesbrunn.

On March 27th 1876, a bill of sale was signed between Katharina's parents (Rosalia and Mathias Schübl) and Katharina and Franz Wiederstein. Through this purchase, they acquired also the farm of the house number 26, a vineyard situated at Gatterer and the cellar in Kirag'stettn number 8 in Göttlesbrunn.

Therefore, the wine-growing business Wiederstein goes back to the year 1876. In the spring of 2006 we celebrated 130 years of wine-making, 130 years since the business runs under the name of Wiederstein.