It was always my wish to make people discover the vintage and the soil in the taste of the wine, so that every single variety of vine should unfold its very typical bouquet throughout its personal flavour. I love delicate, velvety soft red wines with a feminine, dainty and honest flavour which don't reveal their potential from the very first sip, but unfold it gradually allowing the taste buds to discover all the nuances and to explode with excitement. One should allow one's senses to be overwhelmed by every sip of wine and conquered by a certain flavour and variety.

In the classically cultivated wines, I find the appealing taste and the precise, pure and honest flavour which boasts its unflustered natural charm. This „ classics“ could be best compared with a beautiful, refined, natural woman.
If, for the storage of some wines I prefer oak barrels, it is because they give wine the complexity of a discreet perfume, they add yet another nuance to its natural beauty.

The white wines I love, have a jolly, dainty flavour with a sharpness (acidity) which can reach from delicate sophisticated to rebellious sparkling. The white wines should take their flavour out of the „whole“, just like a well sorted fruit department.

Wine, when fully matured and ready to bring joy to all its many friends, bears the personal touch of those who accompanied it from the very beginning: my mother's, mine and that of all those who helped in the process. In other words, it bears our signature and it is a testimony to the respect and gratitude we have for one of Mother Nature's greatest wonders. Each year, each vintage, is unique and loving hands make it into the wine which becomes the interlocutor who asks many questions but hardly ever gives answers. I always try to understand what Nature tells me, to read the signs, to understand the soil from which the vine gathers its richness and its strength, to understand the connections. This is why I love my work, I love vine culture, I love making wine. Wine is the essence of our soil, the expression of our enthusiasm and of our love of life.

We understand that land was entrusted to us for a certain period of time and that it is our duty to keep it until the time to entrust it to the next generation has come. We are, therefore, responsible for keeping the Earth healthy and for preserving its flora and fauna. This is why we employ the methods of controlled integrated production. Thus, the substances we use protect the plants and do not destroy the beneficial insects while protecting the vine and preventing disease.

The protection and the preservation continues in the cellar. The moment for the picking of the grapes is carefully chosen by me through a sensorial judging of the grapes and also through a selective picking by hand. In this way we obtain high quality grapes. Here is where the foundation for a native, distinctive wine lies.