When asked what Zwiering means, I got the answer from a primordial Göttlesbrunner: “The Arbesthaler (inhabitants of the neighbouring village) go with the ladder zwiering through the forest!” Means to march through dense forest with a cross-worn ladder. For the purpose of compensating justice, I would like to say that I have already heard the same about the Göttlesbrunner in Arbesthal.

In fact, the alignment of the rows here is transverse (i.e. zwiering) to the surrounding layers. Here are Zweigelt – vines that were still planted by my great-grandmother, the “Leopoldin” at the end of the 50’s of the last century.

The greater part of the vines was set by my grandparents in the 1960s. We use this our oldest location for the Rhea. When I taste the grapes before the harvest, I always have a picture of a noble, elderly – full-bodied lady in high heels in front of me – and the barrel sample of this branch tastes the same: full – lush – ripe soft tannin with elegance and class (- which you only get through age n can).