Welcome to the Weiberwirtschaft

The “Weiberwirtschaft” of the Wiederstein women in Göttlesbrunn produces wines that are so pleasingly “different”.

Wines that are worth getting to know. They are feminine and elegant, not superficial, very subtle and with a lot of depth. These wines seem to prove that “terroir” is even more of a part of “terroir” than the right vines on a perfect soil in a suitable climate.

The unique personality of the winemaker. Or better yet: the female winemaker, as in Birgit’s case. Their wines seem sensitive, sensitive and delicate, but always self-confident; sparkling and dancing on the palate, always full of harmony and balance.

One notices the fine hand with which the grapes are brought to maturity, the passion with which the almost six hectares are cultivated, the gentle ambition, the motivation, is to extract even more quality and finesse from the vineyards year after year.

The resulting wines by Birgit and the distillates of Grete provide a lot of drinking pleasure and as much fun as only the conversation with uncompromisingly passionate people offers. Feminine wines and elegant distillates that “stand their wife” – in this masculine powerful environment of Carnuntum.