Questions to Grete Wiederstein

Who is the schnapsbrennerin:
Grete Wiederstein
Height of the distiller:
1.57 m
Shoe size of the distiller:
What is being distilled?
The fruits of apricots, cherries, plums, vineyard peach, quince, Williams pears and apples. Fires of “WINE”-like descent are yeast brandy, brandy (e.g. Katharina Cigar 7-year-old storage in Franz. Oak barrel), marc (are macerated in our factory immediately after the must is pressed into small fermentation containers with white wine and red wine grapes and prepared for distillation).

Furthermore, NOBLE distillates are distilled to the EXTREME. This category includes raspberry, asperl, birdberry, sloe. (EXTREME harvested- partly from the wild, EXTREMELY low yield,
EXTREM processed – exclusively focused on the “AROMA”.

The special features in the range are the NUSSERL (green nuts, planted with spices, puristically and unchanged) and PINEAU of MARGARETE (red grape juice with one-year-old brandy in franz. oak barrel for 2 years).

My favorite task in the production of distillates:
is the process of distilling.
Favourite distillate from your own bubble:
my marc fires and as of May 2014 still raspberry
Favourite distillate Austria:
Lemongrass by Hiebl Georg
Favourite distillate abroad:
Plum barrel matureururUrs pike and Merlot grappa by Nonino
This distillery fascinates me:
Distillery facilities of Christian Carl
My favorite food:
Tafelspitz with breadcrumbs and roasted apples and spinach and asparagus
… and I love to cook this dish myself:
Chicken liver parfait with Pineau the Margaret
My first thought when I wake up:
What day is today? What is there to do?
As a child, my longings were:
Finally, you are allowed to put on trousers and do not always have to wear skirts and dresses.
Experience that has shaped me:
childhood with my 4 brothers and the births of my children;
Now I dream of:
a beautiful product line and perfect distillates;
My philosophy of life:
It’s guat!
When a fairy fulfills a wish for me, the first thing that comes first is:

Everything should remain as it is.

Grete Wiederstein

“Distillates mean to me, caressing the fruits of nature, trembling with storms, breathing the scents and aromas of fermentation, feeling the anticipation with every sip that can tell new things again and again.”

Philosophy: Joy of life! Work has to be fun. Maintain traditional values and pass them on to my children. With respect and respect I rejoice in the fruits of Mother Nature.

Curriculum vitae: I grew up in Wieselburg in a secure, rural extended family. In 1978 it was sealed with ring that I leave my beloved Mostviertel and move into the equally beautiful Carnuntum. It didn’t take long and I had the usual security in my extended family again. Our children Birgit, Michael and Martina learned to appreciate Mother Nature in the game, while working in the vineyard. If the secret of a fulfilled life lies in raising youth awareness of the true values of life, I can look to the future with satisfaction.