Questions to Martina Wiederstein

Who’s also distilling schnapps?
Martina Wiederstein
Size of the distiller:
Shoe size of the distiller:
What is being distilled?
Lemon vodka with lemons from the own garden and
Whisky made from own cereals
My favorite task in the production of distillates:
The distilling-process
Favourite distillate from your own copper pot-still:
Favourite distillate from Austria:
Whisky 3/3 by Rogner
Favourite distillate abroad:
Grappa Nonino
My favorite food:
… and I love to cook this dish myself:
Spaghetti; Penne with Vodka
My first thought when I wake up:
Where is the sun?
As a child, my longings were:
The big city and having a dog
Experience that has shaped me:
My stay abroad
As a child, my longings were:
To be allowed to eat Spaghetti Bolognese with your fingers.
Now I dream of:
Now I dream of:
a snowball fight in summer (next winter I have to freeze snowballs)
My philosophy of life:
To see something good in everything.
When a fairy fulfills a wish for me, the first thing is:
To visit Alice in Wonderland

Martina Wiederstein

Distillates catch the summer for me with its extensive fragrances.


Cheerfulness, lightness and joy in what you do, then you are certainly on the right path.