Our vineyards

We produce organically. We pay attention to the following points when managing our vineyards:

• Elimination of pesticides
• Elimination of herbicides
• Use of bee-friendly and beneficial-friendly means
• Avoidance of game bite by spreading sheep’s wool (annually)
• Selection of own vines (e.g. selection Of Wiederstein or Grüner Veltliner Holzweg)
• A lot of manual work on the vine, thus optimal conditions for vine and minimization of the mushroom pressure
• Only plant protection products approved in organic production are used
• Promotion of humus build-up through perennial, species-rich greening (Wolff mixture)
• Plant protection measures in the form of manual work or by means of application always in coordination with the weather and the vineyard (as much as necessary and as little as possible)
• Planting trees in the vineyards for biodiversity and for the benefit of the landscape.
• Introduction of beneficial plants by vine wood from old plants in young plants.
• Compliance with the specified grace periods.