Questions to Birgit Wiederstein

Who bears the main responsibility for the wines?
Birgit Wiederstein
Size of the winery:
6 ha
Height of the winemaker:
1.63 m
Shoe size of the winemaker:
Division into red and white (varieties):
60% Red (Zweigelt, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Blaufränkisch) and 40% White (Sauvignon Blanc, Grüner Veltliner, Gelber Muskateller), Lindenblättriger, Brauner Veltliner
My favorite task in winemaking:
Working and chatting together in the vineyard and harvesting – harvesting is always special! Observing nature, searching for the character of the wines, mash barefoot stamping, the wine tasting and wine trying to understand; Actually, I like every task except driving a tractor.
Favourite wine from our own winery:
Depending on the mood of pearl play, over Pr1ma Donna, Flora and Sauvignon Blanc to the reds from Zweigelt to the diva and the Blaufränkisch.
Favourite wine Austria:
Furmint by Heidi Schröck, and Riesling by Peter Malberg, Pinot Noir by Paul Achs
Favourite wine abroad:
Pinot Noir Markus Ruch Switzerland Schaffhausen
Il Rospo Rosso / Ton Montesecondo -Silvio Messana Italy Toscana
Pinot Noir Gantenbein Switzerland Graubünden
This winery fascinates me:
Didier Dagueneau
My favorite food:
Egg noodles with green salad, stuffed peppers with ground apples and parade is sauce, soups
… and I can cook this dish myself:
The what-the-fridge-gives-is-cooked dish
My first thought when I wake up:
Breakfast – Joy!
As a child, my longings were:
Spaghetti Bolognese with your fingers to be allowed to eat
Experience that has shaped me:
Now I dream of:
a snowball fight in summer (next winter I have to freeze snowballs)
My philosophy of life:
“Laugh over it when it doesn’t last for crying.”
When a fairy fulfills a wish for me, the first thing that comes first is:
Apart from the global wishes such as: world peace, an intact environment and a world-wide intelligent and functioning economic and social system, I would like to see the following: if there is extraterrestrial life, then I would like to know how this is the Food and drink there tastes.
Winzerin Birgit Wiederstein

Birgit Wiederstein

“Wine is a dream and an adventure for me, which I can experience and accompany every year.”

Mother Nature leaves her unmistakable signature in every vintage and as a “wine-making companion” I see my task as recognizing and promoting the connections between soil, climate, vine and wine.

The grapes harvested are a collection of properties and valuable ingredients that I can only preserve in the cellar, but can no longer change. The decisive processes happen in the vineyard. Therefore, the careful handling between man and plant is the decisive factor for independent, characterful wines.
The vines stretch their leaves and fruits towards the sun and source their food from the historic soil of Carnuntum (2000 years ago Roman province in the southeast of Vienna).

Wine is meant to bring joy and enrich feasts with friends. I wish you an enjoyable time with table delights – accompanied by my wine.