My sister and I made whiskey!

The name is a combination of Wiederstein and Sky. 
The grains grew up to the sky and waved in the summerwinds until harvest. Grain seeds were malted, than watered and fermented. It’s a single malt whiskey, distilled in two steps (Rauhbrand, Feinbrand). 

Pure distillate stored in a sweet wine barrel from Heidi Schröck. Before we filled our whiskey into the barrel, Heidi stored her Ruster Ausbruch in this acacia wooden barrel with a capacity of 225l. 

Storagetime: 3 1/2 Years, 1277 days

In our region Carnuntum we can produce grapes and grains, both in high quality. Our father is the farmer, so we tried to bring both together. Whiskey from a wine region. The result is very unique. 

Labeldesign by Manuela Melichar

Produced by Martina & Birgit Wiederstein with shared knowledge by our mom Grete
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