As a blackbird I am at home all over the world and we blackbirds like to snack. We prefer to taste red and blue-violet berries. My ancestors in France especially loved the dark blue grapes of certain vines. The winemakers did not fail to realize that my grand-grand-ancestores always nibbled from their grapes and therefore named those vines after my family. In French, blackbird is said to me as “le merle” [lö merl] and since then the vines with the magnificent berries are called “Merlot”.

The Merlot grapes for our grape juice were harvested with the elementary school children from Göttlesbrunn. One morning at the beginning of September, the students of the 2nd grade came to me in the vineyard and together we read the wonderfully ripe grapes. The enthusiasm, zeal and joy of the children was impressive. The profit from the sale of the grape juice benefits the Göttlesbrunn elementary school for the purchase of books. The theme of the harvest of the grape juice was: “(Grapes)- read for the reading corner!”

The grape juice is preserved in 100% pure condition from Merlot grapes, without additives and by heating.