Art.-Nr. 2020024

Stone Tonic, the name occured to Felix Wiederstein by punning with the words stone and tonic.

What is tonic actually? It is a carbonated water containing quinine. Optionally it can contain sugar and depending on the taste, it can also contain fruit acid. The higher the content of quinine is, the more bitter is the flavour. The quinine is extracted from the bark of the cinchona tree, the cinchonae cortex, also called the fever bark. Its denomination might make one think of Asia, because of its resemblance with China, but it originates from South America. “Tonic” means invigorating;“Tonic” derived from the Greek word “tonikos” which means vigour, tonicity.

What is our Tonic made from and how is it produced? We added to our fever bark extract, spices (black pepper, lesser galangal, Pimento, nutmeg and cardamom) admixed with fresh herbs (rosemary and kaffir lime leaves). We do not use leached quinine, instead we use our own bitter brew obtained from the maceration of the yellow and red cinchona.

A year of hard testing led to our special mixture. The ideal combination of the spices and herbs for our two types of Gin: GINY and CHARMING GINY – a thing that proved to be our priority. What disturbed us most was the sweetness in the commercially available tonics. The sugar levels are here mostly 90g/1l. Our Stonic contains 65g/ 1l sugar extracted from the Austrian sugar beet and has therefore 1/3 less sugar content than other tonic waters.

The cooled tonic is then bottled in a sterile bottle-filling plant in white flip-top bottles and in the process it is carbonated, then labelled and sorted in crates.

Under appropriate storing conditions our product, as mentioned on the label has a minimum durability of up to 12 month. However it can be consumed after the given date provided it is properly stored and originally sealed.

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