“If there was a time machine and I was travelling back 150 years, could I do my job? What conditions would I find? How was wine made then and how did wine taste at that time?

The Blaufränkisch – as then is the cost-free answer to these questions. Reduced concentration on the essentials. Hand-picked grape selection, partly unbusted, foot-stamped, spontaneously fermented, shoveled or transported with the earth-pulling force over the slope. Aged in a large wooden barrel for 2 to 4 years, unfiltered in bottles, which in turn were allowed to mature in a quiet cellar atmosphere. The paper label created by my uncle, in letterpress, is glued by hand, the bottle is then sealed and wrapped.

Each bottle has a limited edition number of 600 bottles. Each bottle is unique and a testament to honest craftsmanship.